My Quirks

We all have quirks. They’re what makes you uniquely you. So rather than hide our particular brand of “interesting” let’s put it on the front porch and celebrate!

Here are some of mine …

I am an adventuress at heart. I love to travel, meet new people, and will try almost anything … except bungee jumping. In my mind white-water rafting and sky-diving are perfectly sane activities to indulge in but bungee jumping somehow indicates a special level of “interesting” I can’t get with.

The library is one of my favorite places to spend a Saturday afternoon. I love the dusty smell of old books!

I have flown a single engine plane. I made myself so nauseous when I landed I stepped out the cockpit exclaiming, “Never again!”

Although technically not a quirk I’d like to share this interesting point: my maternal great-great-great grandfather was the first Black President of what is now known as Texas A&M University. I have a copy of one of his sermons in his very own handwriting. Cool Beans!

“Cool Beans” is something I say…all the time.

Life is still full of wonder for me. I blow bubbles, catch snowflakes on my tongue, hula-hoop in grocery store aisles, fly kites, listen to ocean waves, jump in water puddles, stare into a starry sky, and stop in awe when I hear babies laughing. 

I took this pic crouching 15' away from this cheetah in South Africa!

I took this pic crouching in the bush 15′ away from this wild cheetah while in South Africa!

I hate wearing shoes. I’d rather be barefoot and sinking my toes into sand, grass or plush carpet.

I am a not so secret, secret mush. I love hugs, kisses, love letters, sentiment, etc. I cry at sappy commercials and Disney animated movies!SchoolhouseRock-300x225

I have all the videos and know all the words to all the School House Rock Minis! Shame on those of you born before 1975 who aren’t familiar with School House Rock! Do yourself a favor. Youtube it…Right now!

My Love Languages are Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch …so when I meet you I’ll give you a hug and tell you how perfectly wonderful you are!