Surrendered Women’s Conference

CSM, in partnership with Wayne County Community College District – Ted Scott Campus, cordially invites you to SWC 2018


They say certain characteristics are found in people who cannot be limited, or are impossible to permanently block. Did you know all of those characteristics are made available to you? You are not a woman merely filled with potential … you’re a woman filled with promise. A promise is a guarantee, a bond, an assurance that something shall come to pass. Everything you need to live as a victorious overcomer who has eternal impact has been given to you. In every area of your life!

Join us on March 10, 2018 for the Surrendered Women’s Conference you do not want to miss.


“With a praise on my lips and a sword in my hand!”


SWC’s mission is to be a catalyst through which women experience God’s heart and love for them, receive practical, biblical instruction that will help them overcome the struggles that keep them locked in present day circumstance, and are empowered to minister that freedom to others.